People's Choice Awards

The 2017 Awards were presented on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 3PM.



Each year, the Robinson PTSA presents the People's Choice Awards to those members of the Robinson school community who have done an outstanding job promoting positive human relations in the school. Award recipients are acknowledged at a reception in April and receive a certificate for recognition and an engraved paperweight.  A plaque commemorating all previous aware winners can be found in the Main Office at Robinson. A listing of recipients can also be found on this website. All members of the Robinson community may submit nominations or be nominated: students, teachers, aides, counselors, secretaries, coaches, cafeteria staff, principals, school bus drivers, parents, custodians, librarians, sponsors, etc.

Suggested criteria:

  • Who are the people who make you feel respected and welcomed? 
  • Who do you feel most comfortable approaching for help, support, or information? 
  • Who is notable as an individual whose enthusiasm, kindness or caring attitude makes it more pleasant here at Robinson? 
  • Who has dome something special to bring people together? 
Previous award recipients (in the last three years) are ineligible to be nominated again.  Nominations may not be made by family members.
For more information or if you have any questions or comments, please contact Vice President, Administration, at


The PTSA congratulates the winners for their daily impact on those around them

in making Robinson a pleasant and supportive community for all. 


Here are the winners of the 2017 People's Choice Awards

Laynie Rodriguez Amaya JudyAnn Gray Charlie Jumper John Sherry
Magda Calancha Courtney Jullien Megan Linzer Cristina Shockey
Elizabeth Campbell Homa Haider Lindsey Loudermilk Cassidy Smith
Bill Carder Michelle Hanus Jamee Lyons Haven Townsend
Jen Churchill Audrey Hardwick Maria Marzuka Michael VanWambeke
Serena Corley Alice Heath Karen McLean Lynnie Vessels
Jessica Csomay Mariaclare Herce Terri Min Kelsey Vossler
Eileen Doyle Katie Jenkins Lisa Mosteller Donna Waiss
Bill Evers Andy Jimmo Carver Neary Shelby Whitwell
Carrie Garvey Ann Jones Alexandra Rhoads Mark Woods
Deborah Graboyes      


2016 Winners

Ann Wong Jeff Ferrell Nathan Pillai
Kristen Griggs Gail Gardiner Anecia Robinson
Dolores Malloy Austin Jones Maria Skold
Caitlin Adams Amy M. Krellwitz Wendy Vu
Bailey Benton Tanner Laplante Monica Wuhrer
Richie Bevilacqua Christyn Levy Liz Zalles
Anne Chapman Matt Lewis Soosan Zarek
Kathryn Esslinger Jody C. McCabe  


2015 Winners

Cecelia Aragones Nesse G
Janet Brown Julia Hiles
Lisa Chandler Marianne Keith
Kevin Creshaw Karen Miller
Richard Eposito Marlene Montecinos
Enrique Fernandez Tracey Phillips
Mike Fones Isabella Salinas
Meaghan Fry Meg Smith

2014 Winners (again eligible in 2018!)

Joel Adams Stephanie Hession
Ruth Azimi Pat Ladnier
Patti Barber Andrew Letzkus
Stefanie Broyles April Rhodes
Mrs. Burford Marty Riddle
David Cunningham Abby Schaef
Gail Glover Mackenzie Schuler
Mark Gompert Marianna Vervena
Roxanne Guiterrez Lisa Waldrop
Bryan Hazard  



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