State and Local Legislative Committee and Programs

The Legislation Committee coordinates the development of Virginia PTA’s Legislation Program, provides the latest information on pending legislation dealing with issues of concern, and directs advocacy efforts to pass or defeat legislation as directed by the Legislation Program approved by local units and convention resolutions.

Locally, the legislative committee is familiar with the  Virginia PTA Legislation Program, monitors School Board and Board of Supervisors meetings, attends Leadership Training, District Legislation meetings and workshops, and contacts legislators. The legislative committee also has the local responsiblity to compile and send any suggestions for State Preliminary Proposed Legislation Program (PPLP) sent to the state chairman by March 1st each year.


Candidate's Forum

This annual event, held in late October, prior to November elections, is an opportunity for the Robinson Community to meet and hear from candidates seeking local or national office.
Goverment students attend this event as a means of seeing democracy in action.
This year's Candidate Forum tbd  - please check back soon!

VA PTA Legislative Ballot


2017 Letter


Vote here, our voting closes 10/21/16 so we can tally votes and submit to VAPTA 10/28/16

For more information or if you have any questions or comments, please contact the Legislative Committee Chairperson, at

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